Car detailing costs vary based on the size of the vehicle and level of cleaning/customization required. Detailing costs may also be higher for luxury and exotic cars.

This is because luxury cars have specific detailing requirements that are more complex and expensive for the car detailing service.

If we compare prices, auto detailing for an average size vehicle costs about $80 – $150. However, detailing for a luxury car like Lamborghini costs about $350 – $400.

Costs Differ Due to the Level of Detailing Required

The level of grooming and preparation you undergo for an occasion affects the costs.

  • If you are preparing to casually meet some friends to hang out with, you don’t put much effort into that.

  • If you are preparing for a job interview, you don a good suit with boots.

  • If you are getting ready to tie the knot, you go with the best suit and grooming you can get.

The similar logic applies when you are looking to get your car detailed. Most luxury car owners have multiple vehicles. They take their luxury car to the detailing shop only when they are looking to impress.

The only type of detailing service that would satisfy a luxury car owner is premium, hence the price is higher.

Luxury Car Detailing Is Different From a Simple Car Wash

In general, car owners with a regular car only want a car wash when they go for detailing. For most people, their vehicle is only a little more than a mode of transportation.

Things are different for luxury car owners. You don’t buy the new Ferrari just to travel from point A to B. One of the main reasons to buy it is to show off the stylish new car.

So when luxury car owners want them detailed, they want the best detailing work possible. This involves more than just a simple car wash and always includes buffing and waxing etc. Detail service operators know this hence they charge higher.

Luxury Car Detailing is More Complex

There’s another reason why luxury car detailers charge more for exotic vehicles. Anyone, including a new trainee, can be put in to wash and detail a regular car. But with luxury vehicles, detailing services only put their best and most experienced workers on the job.

Specialized luxury car detailers put in a lot of money and time into getting the right training and experience for the job. They only buy and use recommended products, tools and equipment for a high-end exotic vehicle.

Experience and high quality detailing products don’t come cheap.

Advanced Equipment Costs

If you own a luxury car, you may have noticed that not every detailing service will agree to take in your vehicle for detailing. This is because exotic vehicles require advanced technology for proper detailing.

Most detailing services do not install the machinery needed to detail such cars. Those that do offer such services have to invest money into the expensive equipment. Obviously, they are going to charge higher to cover the cost of their machinery.

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